Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's the picture from my incredible Sweet Sixteen!!

Yes, folks, I am driving :)
Tyleah, Jaidyn, Danielle, Jessica, me, and Jericho
Best friends is probably an understatement.
Chillin by the fire :)
The amazing Candy Cake and Float Cups made by the one and only, Aunt Tiffany
Jaidyn, Danielle, me, Jessica, Jason, Scott, Jericho and Annamarie
Us girlies bein weirdos
AHH yes we had cheese dip...yum
Chillin, but not by the fire
Sebastian, Danielle, me, Jessica Ann, Scott, Scott, Annamarie, Korbyn, and Capri
Sarah and Jessica
Joey, Juan, and Nathan
Marie, Bethany and Rachel chillin by the fire
Karleigh and Sammi
Sammi, Hannah, and Stephanie
Thanks Mom and Dad for an incredible night! I love you!


Whoa, Dad's old. Just kidding. Happy birthday :D


Here's some pictures from Mister Brandon's eighth birthday!
All the guys hangin out 'round the fire
No, we aren't greedy....we just like candy.
HELLO Spiderman!
Whack that!
All the little yoo hoo's
crazy faces
All of the boys trying to find their inner peace...
Bouncers definitally add to the fun
Wow I want to know how Mom got all of them to stand still...

Happy Birthday B!

My Birthday!

So the same Sunday that we did the Race For The Cure, I turned SIXTEEN! WOO HOO! We celebrated with a small family party and then a couple weeks later we had a huge Sweet Sixteen party for me (stay tuned for those pictures). Here are some pictures from our little minibirthday party.
Me with my yummy cake :D

No, I didn't blow all the candles out at once...

Trying to take a nice picture with the kids....Brandon wasn't being cooperative...

Actually, none of us wanted to cooperate ;D

This was the picture taken when we were all dont taking pictures...we all agreed that Jaidyn greatly resembled the dog in this picture.

The Race For The Cure

Here are some pictures from our annual Race For The Cure!

Boy, that was hard!

This year, Edge came along with us!
Brandon and Ella looking super duper cute by the lake. What good friends!

Look at those big blue eyes!

Here's our whole group!
We had an awesome time and are looking forward to participating again next year!

Procrastination Stinks

SOOOO....I have been super lazy about updating our blog and I am realizing that I have A TON of stuff to catch up on! We'll see how all this goes. Hopefully I can get it all on the blog tonight. If not, I promise the wait won't be as long as the last one!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So the Birthdays Begin...

October. The month of birthdays! We start with Grandpa on the 6th, Grandma on the 8th, my birthday is the 12th, Brandon's birthday is the 17th, Dad's birthday is the 21st, Unclue Sylvan on the 26th, and then Grandpa Wayne on the 28th!
Grandma and Grandpa came over on Monday night to celebrate their birthdays!
Look out for more birthday posts - coming your way soon!

My First Choir Concert

So last Tuesday I had my first choir concert! I'm a part of the Westwood Women's Choir. It's awesome and a lot of fun and we did awesome at our concert! Below is a picture of me all dressed up to go sing. Apparantly, Mom didn't bother to take any pictures at the actual concert (?)

P.S. Do you like my sleeves?

Family Night

Our family just LOVES family night. We get together with our entire extended family and have a lessons and celebrate birthdays once a month. Here's some pictures from our August family night. This particular evening, the Lunts and Grandma Pam joined us as well.
The Birthday Crew! Uncle Terry spotlighting the twins on their fifteenth birthday.
The little girls (Ella, Mikenna, Brinley) just LOVE Jordan. He can hardly have a moment to himself at family gatherings. He is sweet with them and they absolutely adore him! Here is Ella and Mikenna with Jordan.
Jordan and Chase wrestling with Brandon. Who do you think is winning?
Little Cedrick. Cedrick is so sweet and is such an amazing part of our family!
Unlce Terry and Aunt Shannon
Sue and my dad with Grandma Pam
Jaidyn, Ella, and me with Grandma Pam
For some reason my mom had to have me stand up to see if Jordan was taller than me. I don't think it was necessary, seeing as Jord is about six inches taller.
I refuse to smile.
Berlin and Granny
Mom and Grandpa!

Look for more upcoming posts. I plan on doing a better job of keeping the family blog (and my blog) updated!